CSE 50th Anniversary Celebration

September 28 - October 1, 2017 | University at Buffalo



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Sponsorship Levels

  Platinum Gold Silver
Complimentary Registration 4 2 1
Thursday, September 28th      
Welcome Reception & Undergraduate Demonstrations X X  
Friday, September 29th      
Graduate Conference X    
Bus Tour/Walking Tour/Niagara Falls Tour X    
Golf Outing & Cookout Dinner X    
Saturday, September 30th      
Alumni Symposium Panels 5 Panels 3 Panels 1 Panel
Alumni Symposium Lunch X X  
Banquet Dinner X X X
Sunday, October 1st      
Brunch X    

Additional Golf Outing Sponsorship

Clubhouse signage is included. Additional signage can be displayed:
Tee-Box $50/hole
Golf Cart Signage $100
Golf Cart Monitor $100
Beverage Cart Signage $250

Platinum - $10,000

Registration for 4 attendees plus recognition on signage displayed at the Welcome Reception, Undergraduate Demonstrations, Graduate Conference, Area Tours, Golf Outing, Cookout Dinner, Alumni Symposium (5 panels), Banquet Dinner and Sunday Brunch.

Gold - $5,000

Registration for 2 attendees plus recognition on signage displayed at the Welcome Reception, Undergraduate Demonstrations, Alumni Symposium (3 panels) and Banquet Dinner.

Silver - $1,000

Registration for 1 attendee plus recognition on signage displayed at the Alumni Symposium (1 panel) and Banquet Dinner.

Celebrate with us

Our department is one of the first in the nation to offer the Computer Science program. CSE@UB is home to all CS and CE (as a part of the previous ECE) faculty, students and alumni. We are very proud of our heritage and that we have grown into the largest department within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. We are equally proud of our alumni and their high achievements over the years, and our many talented students who embody the hope of tomorrow. Our anniversary celebration offers many opportunities to socialize and network with students, faculty and alumni, including a Golf Outing, Graduate Research Conference, and Alumni Symposium. Join us as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary!

For those who have grants that cover travel costs, we have created a special event, the 'Emerging Topics in Computing Symposium', which will be held concurrently on September 28th - October 1st and shares sessions with the 50th Anniversary Graduate Research Conference and Alumni Symposium.

Event information

Dates: 9/28/2017 - 10/1/2017
Location: University at Buffalo North Campus

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Keynote speakers for Friday and Saturday have been announced.

Video of Baidu CEO Robin Li with subtitles

Robin Li, founder and CEO of Baidu, talks about his time as a CS student at the University at Buffalo.

Registration for the CSE50 Anniversary Celebration is now open!

Computer Science and Engineering 50 years video

CSE50: The Department of Computer Science and Engineering celebrates 50 years!

Rooms are now available at the beautiful Buffalo Marriott Niagara hotel!

'Stronger CSE @ UB, Better You and Me' by Preet Desai

Event Date: September 28, 2017

Computer Science [and Engineering] Timeline

Highlights from the Department of Computer Science (CS) and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

  • 3/20/19

    Click here to see our entire timeline of the first 50 years of Computer Science and Engineering at UB.

  • Ridge Lea

    UB assigns us our first home on the Ridge Lea Campus. 

  • Milestone: 5 Faculty

    The Computer Science Department at the University at Buffalo is formed within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences (FEAS).

  • Grad Programs at Inception

    University course catalogs first describe our Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs.

  • Milestone: 10 Faculty

    We achieve the ten faculty member milestone.

  • Chess-Playing Graphical Computer

    Nick Findler buys a chess-playing graphical computer with NSF funds, beginning a long departmental tradition of incorporating games into our research.

  • Buffalo buffalo Buffalo

    William J. Rapaport popularizes the grammatically-parsable phrase, "Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo".

  • Medical Image Processing Group

    Gabor T. Herman develops a world-renowned Medical Image Processing Group from 1969 to 1981. 

  • No More Punchcards

    We buy a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX 11/750 minicomputer. 

  • Bell Hall

    We take up residence in Bell Hall, placing us in the center of North Campus activity and culture.

  • Milestone: 15 Faculty

    We achieve the 15 (actually 16) faculty member milestone.

  • First Grad Conference

    Jim Geller (PhD, '88) organizes our first annual grad conference to give our grad students a forum to show off their current research.

  • Milestone: 20 Faculty

    We achieve the 20 faculty member milestone.

  • 25th Anniversary

    We celebrate our 25th anniversary with a banquet and a symposium.

  • CCS

    The university establishes a multidisciplinary Center for Cognitive Science, uniting computer science with cognitive psychology disciplines.

  • Milestone: 25 Faculty

    We achieve the 25 (actually 26) faculty member milestone.

  • CS + CE = CSE

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is born!

  • Milestone: 30 Faculty

    The merger accelerates us past the 30 faculty member milestone. Between '97 and '98, we grow from 26 to 33 faculty.

  • CCR

    Russ Miller founds the Center for Computational Research, the university supercomputer cluster that has the capability of processing 60 billion operations per second.

  • Milestone: 35 Faculty

    We enter the 2000s with 36 faculty.

  • 40th Anniversary

    We convened at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

  • Davis Hall

    Davis Hall—Our brand-new, state-of-the-art departmental headquarters.

  • Milestone: 40 Faculty

    We begin Fall 2015 with a strength of 40 faculty.

  • 50th Anniversary

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering celebrates its 50th anniversary.