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Welcome, CSE alumni! We encourage you to learn about our latest educational and research activities, keep in touch, and explore ways to stay involved with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

A Message from the Chair

Dr. Chunming Qiao.

Although the field of Computer Science is relatively new, we are one of the nation's earliest departments to offer the Computer Science program and will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2017. We are very proud of our heritage and the fact that the CSE department has grown, from 4 to 5 faculty a half centruy ago, into the largest department within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences with 45 world-class faculty and 11 dedicated support staff. We are equally proud of our alumni and their high achievements over the years, and our many talented students who embody the hope of tomorrow.

On September 27, 2016, we kicked off our 50th Anniversary Celebration with an alumni event in Mountainview, CA. Our celebration, which includes a year-long Distinguished Speaker Series comprised of very successful female computer scientists, starts on November 10, 2016 with Nancy Amato from Texas A & M University. Our all-female line-up is also a way for us to commemorate the 110th birth-year of Grace Hopper, a pioneer in the field of computer science.

Our main celebration is scheduled from September 28th to October 1st, 2017 and will feature a welcome reception, fun social events and great panels, talks and discussions.

I know you will be thrilled to join us in celebrating our excellence in creativity, scholarship and education over the past 50 years. Please plan to attend our events in the new Davis Hall on north campus to meet with our students, local alumni, board members and friends, as well as our corporate partners.

Dr. Chunming Qiao
Professor and Chair
Department of Computer Science
University at Buffalo

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