Vision-Based Planning and Control in Support of Autonomous Inspection, Maintenance and Repair


Students: PhD Candidate Seyedomid Sajedi

Project description

Seyed Omid Sajedi, a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, kicked off the presentations with his research on artificially intelligent systems for rapid post-earthquake inspections.

Inspecting and maintaining operation infrastructure is crucial for its safety and sustainability. In order to provide maintenance and repairs to infrastructure, agencies generally rely on construction crews equipped with machinery, often under limited protection. Typically, these repairs require a partial or full shutdown, and result in costly disruptions to the public. Robots can be leveraged to perform maintenance and repairs because of their mixed mobility and reconfigurability in a challenging work environment. Xiao Liang identifies four tasks to integrate computer vision models with robotic systems to automate inspection and maintenance.

The first task uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to target the structural components for inspection. Task two uses the feedback from UAVs to develop planning and control algorithms to enable a flight path so the target structural component can be reached. The third tasks takes the input from the UAV and identifies and delineates visual changes along with evaluation sensors to determine if the structure is repairable. The final task is various maintenance and repair actions. 

This project is funded by the Institute of Bridge Engineering (IBE), Region II University Transportation Center. 


Seyedomid Sajedi, Best Student Paper Award, Structural Health Monitoring & Control Committee, ASCE/Engineering Mechanics Institute, 2020

Seyedomid Sajedi, O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship in Structural Engineering, ASCE, 2021