Why Give

Students stand in front of windmill field with hard hats during a study abroad trip to Costa Rica.

Your support will enhance the education and lives of our students. Funding lab upgrades, student activities and research will raise the profile of UB's Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Department. 

Supporting CSEE

Support is vital to the success of our students and researchers. The Department has identified four key funds to demonstrate the impact of your gift. Learn more about each fund, and how to give, below:

Student Scholarships

Students and a faculty member hold up plaques after winning an award.

Scholarships and Fellowships can support tuition, research and other fees students accumulate in college. Your gift could help students attend conferences, fund research and enhance their college experience. 


Negar Elhami-Khorasani works with graduate students outside of the furnace.

Both graduate and undergraduate students in the department have an opportunity to conduct research. Many of these graduate students work with advisors to secure grants, but your dollars could help drive our students and faculty members further toward innovation. Research is conducted in many of the department's labs. Giving to this fund would also support upgrades in our earthquake, environmental and other labs. 

Experiential Learning

Students tour Costa Rican forest with a guide.

The department's number one priority is to train students and provide them with a superb education. Students in the department also have the opportunity to meet professionals and tour different sites. Your donation can give students their first glimpse into the professional world. 

General Fund

ASCE team poses with concrete canoe.

While the department has organized specific funds, your donation is not limited to these four categories. The department also has a general fund for folks who want to support a broader range of departmental activities and enhancements. The general fund will support students in need, student awards, space upgrades and anything else at the chair or donor's discretion.

How to give

Visit the link below and specify your selected fund in the "reason for giving" section. For example, those interested in donating to the scholarship fund would specify "student scholarships fund," those interested in supporting experiential learning would specify "experiential learning fund," etc. 

Other ways to give

Alumni and industry professionals can support the department in other ways. There are mentor and other volunteer opportunities for those who would like to get involved: