Unacceptable Technical Electives

Some courses will not count as a technical elective if their content overlaps with that of required courses for the Chemical Engineering BS. If you have any doubt that a particular course may be invalid as a technical elective, students should check with their academic advisor before registering for the course.

Unacceptable Technical Electives

The following courses cannot be used to satisfy a 200+ or 300+  technical elective requirement

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • BE 202 Applied Medical and Engineering Biology
  • BE 305 Biomaterials and Mechanics
  • BE 308 Biofluid Mechanics
  • BE 309 Biomedical Chemical Principles 1
  • BE 310 Biomedical Chemical Principles 2
  • CIE 308 Engineering Statistics
  • CIE 354 Fluid Mechanics
  • EAS 305 Applied Probability
  • EE 418 Quantum Mechanics for Engineers
  • MAE 335 Fluid Mechanics
  • MAE 336 Heat Transfer
  • MAE 338 Fluids and Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • MAE 381 Engineering Materials
  • MAE 431 Energy Systems

College of Arts and Sciences

  • CHE 251 Contemporary Organic Chemistry (note that CHE 251 can be used as a substitute for the CHE 201 degree requirement)
  • CHE 319 Physical Chemistry
  • CHE 320 Physical Chemistry
  • CHE 349 Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences
  • MTH 337 Introduction to Scientific and Mathematical Computing
  • PHY 208 General Physics IV

Unacceptable Technical Elective Combinations

The following course combinations cannot be used to satisfy Chemical Engineering BS degree requirements. Specifically, a student cannot use courses X and Y to satisfy the 200+ and 300+ technical elective requirements. Instead, just one of the two courses can be used to satisfy a 200+ or 300+ technical elective requirement. This restriction applies to those students following the “old”, i.e. without CE 341, curriculum.

  • BIO 309 Ecology Lecture AND GLY 309 Ecology
  • BIO 407 Advanced Ecology AND GLY 409 Advanced Ecology
  • BIO 411 Tropical Marine Ecology AND GLY 411 Marine Ecology