Edward Furlani (1952-2018)


Furlani, Edward.

Edward Furlani (1952-2018)


Edward Furlani (1952-2018)


Research Topics

Computational Physics/Multidisciplinary Modeling: Nanophotonics; Plasmonics and Metamaterials; Optofluidics; MEMS/MOEMS Simulation; Microfluidics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Inkjet Systems; Applied Magnetics; Biomagnetics

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Classes Taught by Professor Furlani

CE 421/521LEC - Introduction to Optofluidics

CE 341 Applied Mathematics for Chemical Engineers

EE 202: Circuit Analysis 1

Graduate Students


Student Awards and Honors

2018 - Viktor Sukhotskiy - Second Place, SEAS Graduate Student Poster Competition

Viktor Sukhotskiy.

2018 - Viktor Sukhotskiy - First Place, EE Graduate Research Poster Competitions

Viktor Sukhotskiy at 2018 EE Graduate Research Poster Competitions.

2015 - Ioannis Karampelas - First Place, SEAS Graduate Student Research Poster Competition

Ioannis Karampelas at The 2015 SEAS Graduate Student Research Poster Competition.

2014 - Ioannis Karampelas - Winner, CBE Graduate Research Symposium Poster Competition

Ioannis Karampelas at The 2014 UB CBE Graduate Symposium.

2013 - Xiaozheng Xue - Invited Speaker, NSTI International Nanotech Conference, Micro and Nanofluidics Symposium

Poster winner Xiaozheng Xue, Furlani research group, & Dr. Stelios Andreadis at the 2012 UB CBE Graduate Symposium.