24th Annual CBE Graduate Student Research Symposium

1:30pm-Student Lectures | 2:30PM-Keynote Lecture | 3:30pm Poster Contest

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Keynote Lecture

Donald P. Visco Jr. | University of Akron Professor | UB CBE Advisory Board Member

The Academic Pathway –  Perspectives Along My Journey

Don Visco.

I started graduate school in January 1995 at UB.  In the 26 years from that time to now, I have had a wide variety of experiences within the vast expanse of the academic landscape.  In this talk, aimed primarily at departmental graduate students though valuable to early career faculty as well, I provide some stories, lessons learned and actions as a result of these experiences.  It is my hope that I can educate those considering the academic career path on opportunities and pitfalls on this rewarding journey.

PhD Student Lectures

Pihu Mehrotra | Stelios Andreadis Research Group

Pihu Mehrotra.

Metabolic reprogramming for restoring multipotency of Neural Crest Stem Cells




Theodore Groth | Sriram Neelamegham Research Group

Ted Groth.

Integrating OMICs for Systems Glycobiology