PhD Candidate Nika Rajabian Honored with UB Excellence Award

Nika Rajabian.

Nika Rajabian

CBE PhD candidate Nika Rajabian has received the UB Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creativity Award for 2022.  




"Metabolic Rewiring of Aged Myoblasts Restores Strength of Aged Skeletel Muscle"

Under the advisement of SUNY Distinguished Professor Stelios Andreadis, Nika has been studying the metabolic reprogramming that takes place during skeletal muscle aging and strategies for reversing the hallmarks of cellular senescence and restore the function of aged muscle. 

"Nika has done an excellent job exploring the metabolic rewiring of aging muscle and how changes in metabolic pathways can lead to rejuvenation and functional recovery, as evidenced by restoration of the force generation capacity in animals. I am proud of what she has been able to accomplish as a result of intelligence, hard work and being a team player who worked with many other students and post-docs to accomplish her goals. She has also been an excellent mentor to undergraduate and MS students in the lab."

—Stelios Andreadis