New AIChE Student Chapter Leadership

AIChE Club Members on apple picking field trip with “Cider” the dog.

From Left to Right: Kimberly Vaeth, Darius Rub, Leonardo Gobatto, Manraj Barn, Emma Herman, Joe Kulczyk, Nathan Dean, Shatoni Ross, Chidubem Okorozo, Gabrielle Santoro, Jessica Paskie, and Cider

Published September 5, 2019

The UB CBE AIChE Student Chapter elected an all-female executive board to lead the club in the 2019-20 academic year, and with that came a new vision and ideas for reaching beyond traditional activities and department service.

AIChE Student Chapter Leadership Broadens Club Impact


Newly elected AIChE Student Chapter President Manraj Barn and Vice President Jadwiga Varga have a broad vision for this year’s activities, aiming to create an even more inclusive environment. One way they’ll do that is by increasing participation of first- and second-year students. To welcome them to the club, the e-board is creating study groups where they can interact with peers, meet students who are further along in the major and advance in their academic studies.

The e-board also plans to increase membership by engaging students from other majors to join AIChE and participate in the ChemE car project. At the regional conference earlier this year, other clubs had mechanical and electrical engineers on their ChemE car teams, which reflects the interdisciplinary teamwork of engineering practice and can help produce a more reliable car. Colleagues in other disciplines at UB are an untapped resource who may be glad to join in the project.

The club also hopes to promote inclusivity by opening up their alumni speaker series to students from across the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. They hope that doing so will promote interdisciplinary cooperation and also educate other engineering majors about the importance of chemical engineering in all fields. If you are interested in speaking about your professional experience, please contact Barn and Varga via our web page at

Finally, as the club increases its alumni network of graduate students and industry professionals, they see potential benefit to undergraduates of organizing a panel involving CBE graduate students. During the panel discussions, club members will be given the opportunity to discuss the application process for graduate schools, as well as ask questions about graduate student life and research projects. Although the event will mostly cater to seniors in the CBE department, all will be welcome and encouraged to attend. For more information on the UB CBE AIChE Student Chapter and all student clubs, visit us at