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Chemical and Biological Engineering - University at Buffalo




The newly-established Department of Engineering Education seeks to study and implement new strategies for scaling and translation of engineering education research findings into widespread classroom practice.


UB CBE faculty and students had a great time meeting with alumnus, friends, and colleagues at the 2018 UB CBE AIChE reception on October 29.


Widely available and inexpensive, the metal could lead to a renewable energy boom.

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Stem cell in hair follicle

Our biological engineering faculty and students focus on tissue replacement and regeneration. 

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Our research in materials engineering focuses on nanotechnology, advanced polymers, innovative catalysts, electrode materials, colloids, and self-assembly and crystallization phenomena. 

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Research in Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering focuses on thermodynamic behavior, fluid dynamics, reaction mechanisms (both biological and chemical), bioinformatics, and modeling devices and systems.

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