Saber Meamardoost Wins 3rd Place in The Fifth Annual 3MT Competition

Saber Meamardoost.

Saber Meamardoost

Published March 10, 2021

CBE PhD Candidate Saber Meamardoost earned 3rd place in the fifth annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition for his work on using network inference to understand neuroplasticity in the brain during learning.

"Build Your Brain Connectome"

Under the advisement of Professor Rudiyanto Gunawan, Saber has been developing computational algorithms to infer neural netwroks through learning events using brain activity data. Saber will teach animals a new motor function and monitor the brain's activity during the learning process. The goal of this research is to reconstruct the nueronal network of the brain and to gain a better understanding of nueroplasticity of the brain during learning. See more about this year's 3MT competition here