Karan Boom Shah

Hometown: Vadodara, India

karan boom shah.
“Looking back at it, I have not only achieved more than I had predicted, but also gained more knowledge and experience than I had thought!”
Karan Boom Shah
Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose to attend UB?

UB was one of the most diverse research universities that I had applied to. I knew it would have great opportunities for me. Also, the double major program was very attractive!

Why did you decide to major in MAE?

Because I have always had a love for physics and how things work! Whether it was a toy when I was a kid or a motorcycle when I grew up, I have always had the curiosity in me to figure out the functionality of any system and improve the design. MAE had everything that I wanted to do with my life. It is so hands-on and practical that I can implement it in not only day to day life, but for a greater purpose to change the world and make it a better place. This is such a cheesy answer but it’s the innovator and the optimist in me that makes me say it. MAE does give me that creative freedom to hold on to my roots and be an engineer that I have always wanted to become!

What is your fondest memory so far at UB?

The carnival during my freshman year homecoming weekend. The food/games were great and I made way too many friends that I still hang out with, go bowling with and, also do my homework with!

What is your favorite thing about living in Buffalo?

I LOVE the food and festivity here!! There are n number of restaurants (where n equals to a really high number) with the most delicious food in the world. My favorite is Koi Shushi, they have $12 all you can eat sushi!

Were you involved in internships and/or undergraduate research? What was that like?

As for Internships, this past summer I interned with UB Campus Dining as a Maintenance Engineer where I was mainly involved in diagnosing, servicing, repairing, and installation of commercial equipment with minor in-house engineering. From Fall onwards, I have been working with Dresser-Rand where I am leading the design team to come up with an improvement in a turbo compressor model. Recently, I also joined 3AM innovations as a Product Engineer Intern where I'm designing a device for indoor positioning system to improve situational awareness of firefighters. 
Alongside, past fall, I was involved in undergraduate research with Dr. DesJardin where we were understanding and calculating the solid rocket propellant burn rates in a high-pressure Crawford burning chamber. I was mainly involved with mathematical modeling aspect where I was predicting the burn rates using MATLAB programming. Moreover, I have joined undergrad research with Dr. Estes where we are transforming a household treadmill with a virtual reality experience. I'm majorly involved in motor control where are we are tinkering and controlling the treadmill's motor to our requirements.

All these opportunities have helped me gain insight into engineering and made me vision my role in the community. These projects do give me more technical knowledge, but it also gives me the valuable experience to make me part of the bigger world outside of UB.

What makes your UB story unique or noteworthy?

My UB story involves a mixture of a day to day engineering student routine where I have had sleepless nights and running to class, and the above and beyond extracurricular experiences. In my freshman year during EAS 140, I was asked to make a future resume for the time I’ll be graduating. Looking back at it, I have not only achieved more than I had predicted but also gained more knowledge and experience than I had thought! Taking a class is one thing and getting involved in an extracurricular engineering projects/ research/funtivity (fun + activity) is another. My UB experience didn’t just make me a good engineer but also made me a good leader. I learned to gain the confidence to approach any problem and find a systematic solution for the same. Hence, I believe that my UB story has been unique and a noteworthy one!

Aside from engineering, what else are you passionate about?

I’m very passionate about speed roller skating. I have done professional roller skating for 12 years in India where I was a national champion once!

What are your plans after graduation?

I wish to find a job in Mechanical Engineering and get more experience in the field. I also wish to do Masters/PhD in control systems and dynamics in about 2-3 years after graduation.

What is your advice to current and incoming MAE students?

Don’t wait till your junior or senior year to get some experience or take an internship/research opportunity. There are way too many resources to help you succeed and make your unique UB story. Utilize them. If you don’t know about something, don’t be afraid to seek help. All the professors and staff are really friendly and helpful. Speaking from experience, they will always guide you in the right direction!