Allan Baillo

Hometown: West Seneca, NY

allan baillo.
“Do your homework earlier than the night before it is due and a guarantee you will retain more from it. Be the best engineer YOU can be.”
Allan Baillo
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

What makes your UB story unique or noteworthy?

Honestly, nothing. And that is why I think my undergrad was so great. I was just the average, run of the mill student. I got to know most of my professors and made a name for myself but I wasn't a part of any crazy summer research that won a Nobel Prize or something like that (Although that would have been awesome and is amazing for people who can be a part of something like that). I was just an average student that did their best and succeeded.

Aside from engineering, what else are you passionate about?

Motorcycles and Legos. I've been into motorcycles ever since I was about 10 years old when I convinced my parents to help me buy a 90cc dirt bike from the side of the road that was $400. That thing lasted many years and helped me form a passion for all things motorized with two wheels. I actually now have a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 that I bought brand new in 2014 when I was a freshman and 14,000 miles and 3 years later that bike has been with me since the beginning of UB and it will see me through the end too. Legos are something I've been into since long before motorcycles, however. I actually think Legos are one of the main driving forces behind me wanting to become an engineer. Building with Legos from your imagination is like solving one big problem; How can I get the image that is in my brain sculpted into these plastic bricks? As an adult fan of Lego, or AFOL, that process becomes even more fun as your building techniques get better and you start to model different genres of things. I stick to mostly historic military vehicles, primarily the WWII era, but you can build literally anything with Legos as long as you are up to the challenge. That same challenge is in the engineering problems real engineers face every day.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I would like to pursue a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at UB. If I get offered a job, I am willing to pursue this degree while I am full time so that way I get job experience while I am getting my Masters, even if this would take longer.

What is your advice to current and incoming MAE students?

Just keep going. I know it sounds cliche, but it really is true. It will be hard, especially if you are a dual major in Mechanical and Aerospace because I can speak from experience there, but it WILL get better. Just try your best and keep going always pushing to be better than when you started the semester. Do your homework earlier than the night before it is due and I guarantee you will retain more from it. Be the best engineer YOU can be.