Muhammad Nasir

Hometown: Hyderabad, Pakistan

muhammad nasir.
“The Community is amazing. By having traveled a lot, I can say that the Buffalo community does not make me feel homesick.”
Muhammad Nasir
Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose to attend UB?

There were many small reasons that added up to being a great reason for me to attend UB. Aside from being the first American college to accept my application, UB also attracted me towards it for the experience. After talking to a multitude of Undergraduate and Graduate students, I was certain that UB is a culturally diverse college. By having societies from different backgrounds living together and striving to achieve the same goal, it made me feel uncomfortable, yet that was something I was willing to expose myself. UB is the only school that I saw was successful in that.

What is your fondest memory so far at UB?

Since I was an international student, I didn’t know much about American sports. My exposure to American football eventually led to me being a spectator at a blackout game. One of my roommates and I painted our faces, wore black UB apparel, and were all fired up about the game. All that excitement was unsurprisingly noticed by cameramen. That is how I got myself on national television.

What is your favorite thing about living in Buffalo?

The Community is amazing. By having traveled a lot, I can say that the Buffalo community does not make me feel homesick.

What makes your UB story unique ?

I came in as an introvert engineering Undergraduate student, and I graduated as an engineer with honors in extrovert-ness.

Aside from engineering, what else are you passionate about?

I am passionate about people. I was the kid who didn’t talk to anyone but two friends. Now, I can build a conversation with a group of people, and still connect with them at a deeper level.

What are your plans after graduation?

Three ways I can go. I can either go for graduate school, get a job, or start a company. I am currently looking at two of them. And it is exciting!

What is your advice to current and incoming MAE students?

Use the resources that UB provides to all its potential.