Robert Wetherhold.

Robert Wetherhold


Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information

606 Furnas Hall



Ph.D., Applied Sciences, University of Delaware, 1983

Research Interests

All aspects of composite materials, from their fabrication through their end-use; specialties in fracture behavior, in laminate design, and in smart/multifunctional composites.

Selected Publications

  • R.C. Wetherhold, M. Corjon, P.K. Das, “Multiscale Engineering of Ductile Fibers to Improve Fracture Toughness,” Compos Sci Techn, 67 (2007), 2428-2437.
  • R.C. Wetherhold, P.K. Das, ”Oxidation of Copper fiber surface to improve fracture toughness of Cu/epoxy composite,” Mat Sci Eng A, 460-461 (2007), 344-350.
  • R.C. Wetherhold, Z. Harry, “A Rapid Chemical Method for Improving Peel Strength of Cu—Epoxy Interfaces,” Theo Appl Fract Mech, 53 (2010), 42-46.
  • R.C. Wetherhold, E. Pisanova, H. Alarifi, “Spray deposition methods for improving interface strength of copper-epoxy systems”, J Adhesion Sci Techn, 24 (2010), 1221-1238.
  • R.C. Wetherhold, “Shells, Buckling Loads of Laminated Cylinders,” Encyclopedia of Composites, J Wiley, 2012, in press.
  • R.C. Wetherhold, Short-Fiber-Reinforced Polymeric Composites, Structure-Property Relations,” Encyclopedia of Composites, J Wiley, 2012, in press.