Jiyeon Kang.

Jiyeon Kang

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

1011 Furnas Hall




Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, 2018

Research Interests

Rehabilitation robotics, Prosthetic devices, Cable-actuated mechanisms, Intelligent wheelchair for children with special needs.

Selected Publications

·       J. Kang, D. Martelli, V. Vashista, I. Martinez-Hernandez, H. Kim, and S. K. Agrawal, “Robot-driven downward pelvic pull to improve crouch gait in children with cerebral palsy,” Science Robotics 2 (2017) eaan2634.

·       J. Kang, M. A. Gonzalez, B. R. Gillespie, D. H. Gates, “A haptic object to quantify the effect of feedback modality on prosthetic grasping,” IEEE Robot. Autom. Lett. 4 (2019) 1101–1108.

·       J. Kang, V. Vashista, and S. K. Agrawal, “On the adaptation of pelvic motion by applying 3-dimensional guidance forces using TPAD,” IEEE Trans. Neural Syst. Rehabil. Eng. 25 (2017) 1558–1567.

·       J. Kang, K. Ghonasgi, C. J. Walsh, and S. K. Agrawal, “Simulating Hemiparetic Gait in Healthy Subjects using TPAD with a Closed-loop Controller," IEEE Trans. Neural Syst. Rehabil. Eng. (2019).​

·       J. Kang and S. K. Agrawal, Chapter 9. Robot enhanced walkers for training of children with cerebral palsy: pilot studies. In Encyclopedia of rehabilitation robotics (World Scientific, Singapore, 2018), 217–240.

·       K. Ghonasg, J. Kang, and S. K. Agrawal, “Walking with a weighted pelvic belt or with an equivalent pure downward force on the pelvis: are these different?," IEEE Robot. Autom. Lett. 4 (2019) 309–314.

·       S. K. Agrawal, J. Kang, X. Chen, M. J. Kim, Y. Lee, S. W. Kong, H. Cho, and G.-J. Park, “Robot-enhanced mobility training of children with cerebral palsy: short-term and long-term pilot studies," IEEE Syst. J. 10 (2016) 1098–1106.

·       D. Martelli, L. Luo, J. Kang, U. J. Kang, S. Fahn, and S. K. Agrawal, “Adaptation of stability during perturbed walking in Parkinson's disease," Sci. Rep. 7 (2017) 17875.

·       M. Khan, V. Santamaria, J. Kang, B. Bradley, J. Dutkowsky, A. M. Gordon, and S. K. Agrawal, “Enhancing seated stability using trunk support trainer (TruST)," IEEE Robot. Autom. Lett. 2 (2017) 1609–1616.