James Felske

James Felske


Contact Information

330 Jarvis Hall




Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1974

Research Interests

Heat & mass transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, radiative transfer, spectroscopy, combustion.

Current Projects:

  • Radiative Properties of Particles and Droplets
  • Radiative Heat Transfer
  • Microscale Thermophysics
  • Modeling Industrial Thermal/Fluid/Chemical Phenomena

Selected Publications

  • T.Pennell, T. Suchyna, J. Wang, J. Heo, J.D. Felske, F. Sachs, S.Z. Hua, "A Microfluidic Chip to Produce Temperature Jumps for Electroophysiology", Analytical Chemistry, 80, 2447-2451, 2008.
  • A.M. Joshi, J.A. Lordi, J.C. Mollendorf, J.D. Felske, and D.I. Blekhman,"Clearance Analysis and Leakage Flow CFD Model of a Two Lobe Multi-Recompression Heater", International Journal of Rotating Machinery, 2006, # 79084, 2006.
  • P.E. DesJardin., J.D. Felske, and M.D. Carrara, "A Mechanistic Model for Aluminum Particle Ignition and Combustion in Air", AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power, 21, 478-485, 2005.
  • Felske, J.D., “Effective Thermal Conductivity of Composite Spheres in a Continuous Medium With Contact Resistance”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, to appear.
  • D.I. Blekhman, J.C. Mollendorf, J.D. Felske, and J.A. Lordi, “Multi-Control-Volume Analysis of the Compression Process in a High-Temperature Root’s Type Compressor”, International Journal of Rotating Machinery, 10, 45-53, 2004.
  • J.C.Y. Lee, J.D. Felske, and N. Ashgriz, “Flame Propagation Across Gelled Alkane-In-Water Emulsions,” Spill Science & Technology Bulletin, 8, 391-398, 2003.
  • J.C. Mollendorf, J.D. Felske, S. Samimy, and D.R. Pendergast, “A Fluid/Solid Model for Predicting Slender Body Deflection in a Moving Fluid”, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 70, 346-350, 2003.
  • W.J. Stry, J.D. Felske, and N. Ashgriz, “Droplet Combustion of Chlorinated Benzenes, Alkanes, and their Mixtures in a Dry Atmosphere”, Environmental Engineering Science, 40, 125-134, 2003.