Frank Lagor.

Francis D. Lagor

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

1010 Furnas Hall



Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland, 2017

M.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland, 2015

M.S., Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania, 2009

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Villanova University, 2006


Professional Experience

Mechanical Engineer, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, 2009-2012


Research Interests

Guidance, navigation, and control of robotic systems in complex flow environments; Flow sensing and control; Bio-inspired robotics; Nonlinear/non-Gaussian estimation; Guidance and control for unmanned systems, including adaptive sampling and cooperative control.

Selected Publications

  • G. Sedky, A. R. Jones, and F. D. Lagor, “Lift modeling and regulation for a finite wing during transverse gust encounters,” AIAA SciTech Forum, (AIAA 2019-1146), San Diego CA, 2019. DOI:
  • D. F. Gomez, F. D. Lagor, P. B. Kirk, A. H. Lind, A. R. Jones, and D. A. Paley, “Unsteady DMD-based flow field estimation from embedded pressure sensors in actuated airfoils,” AIAA SciTech Forum, (AIAA 2019-0346), San Diego CA, 2019. DOI:
  • F. D. Lagor, K. Ide, and D. A. Paley, “Incorporating prior knowledge in observability-based path planning for ocean sampling,” Systems & Control Letters, Vol. 97, pp. 169–175, 2016.  DOI:
  • C. G. Hooi, F. D. Lagor, and D. A. Paley, “Height estimation and control of rotorcraft in ground effect using spatially distributed pressure sensing,” Journal of the American Helicopter Society, Vol. 61, pp. 1-14, Oct 2016.  DOI: 10.4050/JAHS.61.042000
  • F. Zhang, F. D. Lagor, D. Yeo, P. Washington, and D. A. Paley, “Distributed flow sensing for closed-loop speed control of a flexible fish robot,” Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, Vol. 10, No. 6, p. 65001, 2015. DOI:
  • L. DeVries, F. D. Lagor, H. Lei, X. Tan, and D. A. Paley, “Distributed flow estimation and closed-loop control of an underwater vehicle with a multi-modal artificial lateral line,” Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, Vol. 10, No. 2, p. 025002, 2015. DOI:
  • F. D. Lagor, L. D. DeVries, K. M. Waychoff, and D. A. Paley, “Bio-inspired flow sensing and control: Autonomous rheotaxis using distributed pressure measurements,” Journal of Unmanned System Technology, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 78 –88, 2013.  DOI: 10.21535%2Fjust.v1i3.34