UB MAE Welcomes 8 New Faculty Members

Dr. Frank Lagor

Dr. Frank Lagor, Professor.

Dr. Lagor, a recent Aerospace Engineering PhD graduate from the University of Maryland, will join us in Spring 2018, with research interests in guidance, estimation, and control of robotic systems in complex flow environments.

Dr. Shenqiang Ren

Dr. Shenqiang Ren

Dr. Shenqiang Ren, Professor.

A NSF CAREER and Young Invesigator Award recipient, Dr. Ren will join us in Spring 2018 from Temple University with an expertise in energy-critical material design and nanosynthesis.

Dr. Vojislav Kalanovic

Dr. Vojislav Kalanovic, Professor of Practice.

Serving as a liason between Buffalo Manufacturing Works and UB, Dr. Kalanovic will teach and conduct research as part of UB’s Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART) Community of Excellence.

Dr Javid Bayandor

Dr Javid Bayandor, Associate Professor.

Dr. Bayandor, recipient of the the ICAS John J. Green Award and lifetime fellow of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program joins UB with a research focus on space exploration and mission design.

Dr. Francine Battaglia

Dr. Francine Battaglia, Professor.

An ASME Fellow and University at Buffalo MAE alum (BS ‘91, MS ‘92), Dr. Battaglia will lend her expertise in the area of Fluid and Thermal Sciences with a focus on computatoinal fluid mechanics.

Dr. Minghui Zheng

Dr. Minghui Zheng, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Zheng, a recent graduate from University of California, Berkeley’s Mechanical Engineering program will join MAE’s Dynamics, Controls and Mechatronics research group as the PI for her Control and  Automation Laboratory. 

Dr. Yaowu Hu

Dr. Yaowu Hu, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Hu, a graduate from Purdue University, primarly works on laser-based advanced manufacturing processes with combined experimental and numerical approaches in his Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory.

Dr. Lieselle Trinidad

Dr. Lieselle Trinidad, Teaching Assistant Professor.

A UB MAE Alum, Dr. Trinidad has returned to Buffalo to join our Teaching Assistant Professor team where she will teach key Undergraduate courses and advise students as a Faculty Mentor.