Master's Programs (MS)

We offer MS Degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. Students are trained for careers in engineering practice and/or further study at the doctoral level.


  • Requires successful completion of 30 graduate credit hours
  • Must maintain at least 3.0 GPA throughout program
  • Program formats:
    • All course option (30 credit hours of coursework)
    • Project option (27 credit hours of coursework, plus 3 credit hour project)
    • Thesis option (24 credit hours of coursework, plus 6 credit hour thesis)
  • Major advisor plays important role for Project and Thesis options
  • Full-time status: Requires twelve credit hours per semester (nine credit hours if serving as TA/GA/RA)
  • Program duration: Typically three to four semesters
  • Informal courses: Up to six credit hours are permitted  


The Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Master of Science programs have no core course requirements. However, at least 50% of the student's program must be MAE courses.

Program Options

Note: All students enter UB under the all-course option.




It is possible for a student to complete a program leading to two MS degrees, for example, the Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering degrees described, or one of those and a second degree from another engineering discipline and department. 

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 24 credit hours completed for each degree
  • 6 credit hours may be applied to both programs