Home-BASE Center for Excellence

home base.

ISE faculty members Victor Paquet, Ann Bisantz, and Lora Cavuoto are leading the development of new person-centered information technologies, sensing systems, assistive technologies, and home environments to advance health and function at home.

A new UB Center of Excellence, Home Health and Well-being through Adaptive Smart Environments (Home-BASE) capitalizes on ISE collaborations with UB faculty from Biomedical Engineering, Rehabilitation Sciences, Nursing, and Architecture to complete research which will transform health and health care practice.

Current projects include the development of new ways to continuously monitor asthma in the home, and new home-based rehabilitation approaches that provide significant long-term functional benefits to those who have experience stroke or have COPD. One project involves the used of a portable exercise measurement system for people who have suffered a stroke. The system uses everyday objects such as a “smart can” to track performance and provide real-time feedback, with the aim to enhance motor function and gain greater independence.