ISE Seminar Series

photo of a woman speaking at a seminar.

The ISE Seminar Series bring speakers to talk about cutting-edge ISE-related research with the generous support of donors to ISE. 

2019-2020 Speakers

FALL 2019

September 24-Distinguished Alumni Seminar Series: Masatoshi Wakabayashi, MSIE’92, UB: Global Project Business in Intralogistics Automation

October 28th- HFES Sponsored Interactive Forum: ISE Alumna, Theresa Guarrera, MSIE'10, UB: Disccussion about fosering a Human Factors career path, Optimizing your graduate school experience, her personal career path, what it's like to be in the Human Factors Industry and finding your stride in your career. 

November 15- Distinguished Researcher Series Seminar (co-sponsored with INFORMS): Alice Smith, Auburn University: Understanding the Journal Paper Process and Writing Papers that will be Chosen for Publication

2018-2019 Speakers

FALL 2018

October 19- Siqian Shen, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor: "Optimization Methods for the Design and Operations of Complex Mobility Systems"

October 29- Mike North, National Football League: "Creating the NFL Schedule"

November 2- Simage Küçükyavuz, Northwestern University

November 9- Rong Pan, Arizona State University

November 30- Gino Lim, University of Houston: "Drone-aided Healthcare Delivery for Patients with Chronic Diseases in Rural Areas and Uncertain Battery Duration"

December 5- Laura Stanley, Clemson University


March 8th: Dr. Joseph Sarkis (Professor, Worchester Polytechnic Institute)

April 5th: Dr. Jianjun Shi (The Carolyn J. Stewart Chair and Professor, Georgia Tech)

April 19th: Dr. Nathan Lau (Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech)

April 26th: Dr. Roshanak Nateghi (Assistant Professor, Purdue University)

2017-2018 Speakers

FALL 2017

September 15- Judy Edworthy, Plymouth University 

September 22- Hongyue Sun, University at Buffalo 

September 29- Peter Elkin, University at Buffalo 

October 20- Sunderesh Heragu, Oklahoma State University 

November 3- Jan Shi, Georgia Institute of Technology 

November 10- Mark Chignell, University of Toronto

December 1- Fei Fang, Carnegie Mellon University 

December 8- Matthew Plumlee, Northwestern University 


February 16- Vladimir Boginski, University of Central Florida

March 9- Linsey Steege, University of Wisconsin- Madison

March 16- Joy Bhadury, SUNY Brockport

April 6- James Bliss, Old Dominion University

April 13- SangHyun Lee, University of Michigan

April 20- Young-Jun Son, University of Arizona

April 27- David Mendonca, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2016-2017 Speakers

February 17 - Sibel Alumur Alev, University of Waterloo: "Design of Intermodal Hub Networks with Different Vehicle Types"

February 3 - Jim Blythe, University of Southern California: "Modeling Human Behavior to Improve Cyber Security"

December 9 - Philip J. Smith, Ohio State University: "1. Distributed Work in the National Airspace System. 2. Industrial and Systems Engineering at OSU: Directions for the Future."

December 2 - Biplab Bhattacharya, University at Buffalo: "Tackling Inequity in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains using Mobile Pharmacies in Low-resource Countries"

November 21 - T. Kirubarajan (Kiruba), McMaster University: "Bias Estimation and Sensor Registration for Target Tracking"

September 30 - Catherine Burns, Waterloo: "Human Factors 2020: Adjusting our methods for the next generation of problems."

September 23 - Eric Williams, Rochester Institute of Technology: "Characterizing and managing energy consumption using Time-use"

2015-2016 Speakers

September 11 - David Hostler, University at Buffalo: "Heat stress and performance among structural firefighters"

October 2 - Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat, Penn State University: "3D Bioprinting of Living Tissues and Organs"

October 9 - Donald Wagner, Office of Naval Research: "Bipartite and Eulerian Minors"

October 23 - Prahalad Rao, Binghamton University: "Graph Theoretic Approaches for Analysis of Complex Systems and Processes: Application to Manufacturing and Neurophysiology"

December 4 - Michael Trick, Carnegie Mellon University: "Sports Scheduling, Benders, and Business Analytics"

December 11 - Michael (Mike) North, NFL: "Creating the NFL Schedule"

February 5 - Frank Ritter, Penn State University: “Modeling Novice to Expert Performance with a Modeling Compiler”

February 19 - Moustapha Diaby, University of Connecticut

March 1 - Patrick Dempsey, NIOSH

March 4 - Chris Paradis, Georgia Tech

March 11 - Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts

April 1 - Dan Guide, Penn State University: "False Failure Returns: An Experimental Investigation of Supply Chain Coordination"


April 8 - Jos Aarts, University at Buffalo

April 22 - Sundar Krishnamurty, University of Massachusetts

May 6 - Carolina Osorio, MIT

2014-2015 Speakers

Sept 12 - Jose Walteros, University at Buffalo: "A Mathematical Programming Framework for Detecting Sybil Communities in Online Social Networks"

Sept 26 - Josepth Guenes, University of Florida: "Production Planning with Price Dependent Supply Capacity"

October 3 - Dan Salyn, Programs, Management, Analytics and Technologies (PMAT) Incorporated: "The State of Innovation in the Department of Defense"

October 10 - Opher Baron, University of Toronto "From Product Form Queues to Queue Decomposition: The State-Dependent Mn/Gn/1 Example"

October 17 - Shuya Yin, University of California, Irvine

October 31 - Denis Cormier, Rochester Institute of Technology

November 10 - Daniel Fox, University of Virginia: "The Role of Virtual Reality Driving Simulation from the Health Care Perspective"

November 21 - Sean Wu, University at Buffalo 

December 5 - Mike Wei, University at Buffalo

January 30 - Murat Kurt, University at Buffalo

February 13 - Sara Czaja, University of Miami

February 20 - Michael Kim, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto: "Approximate Learning Trajectories for Bayesian Bandits""

March 6 - Occupational Safety and Health Lecture - Susan Moir, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

March 13 - Ling Rothrock, Pennsylvania State University

March 23 - Diwakar Gupta, Director, CMMI Program, NSF

March 27 - Alejandro Rivera, International Distinguished Alumnus

April 10 - Robert Dell, Naval Post Graduate School

April 17 - Edwin Romeijn, Georgia Institute of Technology

April 24 - Linda Nozick, Cornell University

May 1 - Sergiy Butenko, Texas A & M

May 8 - Steven Smith, Carnegie Mellon University

2013-2014 Speakers

Sept 27 - Pitu Mirchandani - Arizona State U: "Routing, logistics, and management of recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles"

Oct 4 - Hossein Abouee Mehrizi, University of Waterloo: "Multi-period Proactive Transshipment for Perishable Products"

Oct 11 - Lin Li, University of Illinois at Chicago: "A novel modeling method for joint production and energy efficiency management of sustainable manufacturing systems"

Nov 1 - Jose Ramirz-Marquez, Stevens Institute of Technology: "Advances in Resilience Engineering"

Nov 8 - Gul Kremer, Pennsylvania State University: "Sustainability through Product Architecture Optimization: A Graph Partitioning View"

Nov 15 - Yangfeng Ouyang, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Nov 22 - Birsen Donmez, University of Toronto

December 6 - Oleg Prokopyev, University of Pittsburgh

January 3 - Victor Richmond R. Jose, Georgetown University

January 31 - Cole Smith, University of Florida

February 7 - Garud Iyengar, Columbia University "An Axiomatic Approach to System Risk"

February 28 - Mark Daskin, University of Michigan Ann Arbor "Nurse Staffing Models and Analysis"

March 7 - Pinar Keskinock, Georgia Institute of Technology "Operations Management Applications in Healthcare"

March 14 - Maria Moyorga, North Carolina State University "A Colorectal Cancer Screening Model Incorporating Patient Choice"

March 28 - Willie Cade, PC Rebuilders and Recyclers

April 4 - Ben Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology

April 11 - Karl Sigman, Columbia University

April 28 - Karim Abdel-Malek, University of Iowa

April 25 - Julie Higle, University of Southern California

May 2 - Brian Denton, University of Michigan Ann Arbor