ISE 75th Anniversary

ISE 75th Anniversary.

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Spring 2021 Events

Event invites will be sent to alumni, friends and students via email.  If you are not on our distribution list, please update your contact information.

Distinguished Alumni Panel & Lecture Series

Our UB ISE Alumni Panel and Lectures Series highlights the experiences and great achievements of some of our department’s distinguished alumni, and provides important learning experiences for interested UB engineering students, faculty and alumni.

Summer 2021 Events

Fall 2021 Events

Creating the NFL Schedule, Monday, December 6th from 2-3pm

Creating the 272-game NFL playing schedule each year is a complex mathematical exercise whereby the League schedule makers search through millions of combinations and permutations in search of the mythical “optimal” schedule for that season. Taking into account factors such as television ratings, team competitive issues, and stadium availability, the process begins the day after the Super Bowl each February and lasts until early May when a suitable schedule is found and released to the teams, the television partners, and the fans. Utilizing mixed integer programming and combinatorial optimization algorithms, the search is spread across hundreds of physical and virtual computers in an effort to converge on the one schedule that satisfies as many of the constraints – and breaks as few of the rules – as possible.  While no schedule is perfect, the league’s ability to find suitable schedules to a problem whose complexity is always increasing has enabled the NFL to increase television viewership and revenues to unprecedented heights and to position itself to accommodate future scheduling constraints such as increased international travel and new distribution platforms.

Mike North.

Michael North attended Washington University and received a degree in computer science. Mike joined the National Football League in 1995 to help create and launch the NFL’s first website – known then as because a Chicago podiatrist had registered to market his “No Foot Loss” treatment.  In 1998, North joined the Broadcasting department as the “computer guy” and has been working on the scheduling software ever since.


Charlotte Carey.

Charlotte Carey attended St. Lawrence University and joined the National Football League in 2014. Starting off in the Broadcasting department, Charlotte quickly looked up to North as a mentor and began looking for an opportunity to join schedule team. Carey was granted a spot in 2015 and works closely with Mike to produce and analyze schedules.

Monday Night with Mike North, Monday, December 6, 2021 7:30pm

Friday Night Football.

Spring 2022 Events

Dr. Mark Karwan- Date TBD

Dr. Mark Karwan.

A Reflection on the Past 50 Years

Dr. Karwan comes to you with over five decades of experience.  From Professor, to Department chair, to Dean.