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UB is taking a new approach to create a more inclusive, engaging environment for international students inside the classroom as well as out of it.

An umbrella fitted with solar cells and charging ports that provides electrical power, shade and shelter from inclement weather.

The journalists and PR professionals will meet with UB engineer Jun Zhuang to learn how falsehoods spread via social media during disasters.


STEM outreach part of Liberty Partnerships Program to reduce dropout rates.

On May 27, UB welcomed 38 undergraduate STEM students from Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan to campus. They made the 36-hour trip to take a variety of classes, from engineering to sociology, through UBThisSummer during the first six-week session of the program.
An article on Business Insurance about measures employers can take to combat fatigue in the workplace interviews Lora Cavuoto, assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering.
    Dr. Matthew Bolton has been awarded a grant to do research for the Air Force Research Laboratory.  His research is on psychometric rating scales.
An article on Ireland’s Her about the best way to lose weight and keep it off quotes Lora Cavuoto, assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering.