BS in Industrial Engineering Degree Requirements

ISE Course Flowsheets

Find out how you might flow through the ISE program using our interactive flowsheet, which shows potential course sequences and pre-requisites.

Requirements and Sample Program

Year Semester Courses
Year 1 Fall MTH141 Calculus 1
CHE107 Chemistry 1
EAS199 First-Year Seminar
ENG105 Communication Literacy 1
Thematic or Global Pathway Course
Year 1 Spring MTH142 Calculus 2
Science Elective
PHY107 Physics 1
EAS 202 Engineering impact on Society
IE 101 Discover Industrial Engineering
Thematic or Global Pathway Course
Year 2 Fall MTH241 Calculus 3
EAS207 Statics
PHY108 Physics 2
Thematic or Global Pathway Course
Year 2 Spring MTH306 Differential Equations
Engineering Science Elective
IE320 Engineering Economy
EAS230 or EAS240 Engineering Computations
Thematic or Global Pathway Course
Year 3 Fall EAS305 Applied Probability
IE373 Systems Modeling and Optimization. OR 1
IE326 Planning for Production
IE322 Analytics and Computing
Year 3 Spring IE306 Statistics
IE323 Human Factor
IE374 Systems Modeling and Optimization. OR 2
IE327 Facilities Design
EAS360 STEM Communications
Year 4 Fall IE477 Digital Simulation
IE420 Industrial & Systems Practicum
Restricted Technical Elective
IE Technical Elective
IE Technical Elective
UBC399 UB Capstone
Year 4 Spring IE494 Senior Capstone Industry Project
IE408 Quality Assurance
IE Technical Elective
General Technical Elective
General Technical Elective

Notes on Technical Electives

The current program requires 6 technical electives as follows:

  • A minimum of 12 credit hours (4 courses) from the IE department including 3 credit hours of IE 441, IE 435, or IE 436.
  • Two other technical electives (TEs) may be drawn from 400 level electives in the ISE department, some 300/400/500-level courses offered by other engineering departments, or approved departments in the College of Arts and Sciences or in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (see the ISE undergraduate director for details on departments meeting this criterion).

Note that electives which substantively duplicate coursework required for the IE degree, or other electives taken, can NOT be applied to the degree. (For instance, this generally precludes using EAS 308 or similar courses for a TE). Selected courses from other departments may also be applied with approval of the ISE undergraduate director (see the UB catalog for details).

General Education Courses and Other University Requirements

In addition to the mathematics, science, and engineering science courses listed above, students must comply with university and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences requirements regarding General Education. Check with the Engineering School, 410 Bonner Hall, for details.