Minor in Quality Engineering

As product and service delivery systems become more competitive in the global market, ensuring high quality is of utmost importance. Quality Engineering is a discipline devoted to ensuring that the quality of goods or services are maximized through systematic testing, evaluation, and statistical analysis.

person holding 3-D printed object.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand and describe current theories, methods, and principles related to quality engineering
  2. Identify, formulate and solve problems in the area of quality engineering
  3. Design quality control systems to measure and control the quality of services or products to ensure conformance to quality requirements
  4. Design quality assurance systems which are compliant, effective, and appropriate for people to use and work within so as to ensure confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled
  5. Communicate effectively about quality engineering problem solutions and system designs


The curriculum includes six courses related to quality, statistical methods, and application areas, across multiple departments. Note that five of the six courses are upper division, as courses specific to this area are typically taught at the 300 and 400 level. At least three courses applied to the minor cannot be used to fulfill requirements for the UB Curriculum, a major, or a minor in another subject. Some of the courses have their own specific pre-requisites and therefore might not be available to all students in the minor.

Lower Division Course (required):

MTH 142 College Calculus 2

Required Courses:

IE 306 Engineering Statistics (STA 119, CIE 308 can be substituted; other similar courses may be permissible with approval of the minor advisor)
IE 406 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
IE 408 Quality Assurance
IE 409 Six Sigma Quality
IE 460 Lean Enterprise

Admissions Information

Students can apply for the Minor in Quality Engineering online through the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Contact Information

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
342 Bell Hall
(716) 645-2357