IE GRAD FAQS: commonly asked questions


Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT): If you are looking to obtain CPT you need to speak with the International Student Services department (ISS).  They are the ones who are the experts on this process, and will let you know if you qualify or not.  Everything you need to know is on their website, including the academic advisor’s recommendation form.  Once you have the form filled out, printed and you’ve spoken to ISS then you may bring the completed form to Sean McCabe in Bell 315 for further instructions:

ISS website

ISS office is located: 210 Talbert Hall 

· Note: only part time (20 hours or less) is allowed for final semester students.

We've also dedicated a page on our website on how to navigate the CPT process.  Please review. 

· Only Project Track students can complete full-time CPT in their final semester and you must have already been approved for Project Track.  For further information on this please see Sean McCabe.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Please submit a request on our website (near the bottom)

Be sure to apply early.  Three-four months before graduation, so that you will have it immediately following conferral. 

Force Registration

Having trouble registering?  There is a force registration form located on the SEAS portal.  Please submit a form for processing, as this is the only path to being force registered.  The IE department only controls IE courses.  

Electives Outside of IE

All electives taken outside of SEAS must be approved FIRST. If you do not get approval you may not be able to use the course towards your degree requirements.  The form for this process is located on our website, submit the form and you will receive an answer within a few days.  Then you must see the department offering the course for enrollment.

Student Appointments

 IF you are awarded a student appointment: Appointments will be completed with-in the first two weeks of the semester. You will be contacted for any forms needed from you. If you have additional questions, they can be directed to Sean McCabe in 315 Bell Hall. Emailed preferred:

What Do I Need To Take?

All of our program requirements are listed on our website, please check there first (also, advisement forms are sent to the listserv at the beginning of each semester) and then if you still have question please stop in or email Ann Mangan:

B-Exam/ Advisor and Phd Committee

PHD: information is on advisement forms, and you must have faculty agree to serve.  Once the faculty have agreed, please contact Sean, to inform him who has agreed to serve.

B-Exam forms will be sent out every January.

MS: If you are an MS student you must be recommended by the faculty in order to take the B-Exam.

International students: Extending Degree conferral

Please see the director of graduate studies, Alex Nikoleav: for information on this.  You must have a valid justification for extending.

Forms from the graduate school: Full Time Certification, Application to Candidacy, Leave of absence, etc.

Forms are on the graduate school website, follow the instructions on the form and return completed form to Sean McCabe in 315 Bell Hall.

Checklist for doctoral graduation


Please note that the fulltime certification form dictates when your application to candidacy is submitted.  If you need to be registered for less than full time in a given semester then you need to submit your application to candidacy with the full time certification before the start of the semester you need full time certification for.