Student Profile

Jessica Dorismond

PhD, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Class of 2017

Jessica Dorismond.
“I like UB because there is a community. The professors want to see you grow, and they’re very supportive.”
Jessica Dorismond, Graduate Student
Industrial Engineering

Where are you from?   Brooklyn, NY

What made you choose UB?   I came to UB because I liked the department. The graduate director called me and he was really friendly and welcoming. Also the rankings of the program were really good.

What do you like most about engineering at UB? There’s a lot, but what I like most is there’s a community. The professors want to see you grow, they’re very supportive.

Why did you chose to go into engineering? I got my undergraduate degree in mathematics, and the first thing I wanted to do was become an actuary. I got an internship with Wendy Mutual and I got to experience how my day to day life would be if I became an actuary. I’d be taking a lot of exams, studying on my own but I prefer to be in a classroom setting, where people can help each other and trade ideas. I like math but I didn't want to get my masters in applied math because it’s just proofs. I wanted to see how math can be applied and impact systems. I learned that industrial engineering was applied math and I can use math models to optimize systems. So I applied and got accepted.

What is your favorite place on campus?  I like going to Capen Library.

What are you working on right now? I’m doing research on optimizing a grocery store. Our main goal is to influence customers to purchase impulse items, items that if you didn’t see you probably wouldn't buy.

Are you involved in anything on campus? I used to be the president of our INFORMS chapter, I’m also involved in NSBE in the professionals chapter and I am the regional professional secretary.

What are you passionate about? One thing I am passionate about is trying to convince more minorities to pursue engineering degrees. A lof kids these days are scared of math and science. I try to tell people it’s not hard you just have to practice.

What are your future plans?  If I go into academia I know I want to work in the business school teaching math models to help optimize retail problems, so definitely retail applications. If I go into industry, then I want to work for a retailer and optimize their systems, using what I learned at UB.