Ron Benczkowski

Vice President – Engineering, Moog, Inc., Space and Defense Group

Ron Benczkowski.

Ron Benczkowski, BS '82, joined Moog’s Missile Systems Division in 1982 as a Product Engineer in support of hydraulic servo control products for various defense and space applications.  In 1986, he was promoted to Senior Product Engineer, responsible for development and production of Moog’s first pneumatic servo actuation system for the Maverick Missile.  In 1989, Benczkowski was promoted to Project Engineer and Engineering Group Leader, responsible for all electro-pneumatic servo actuation systems.  In July 1992, he was selected to join the Product Development Team, which was responsible for developing Moog’s first electric motion simulator, an innovation that led the industry’s transition from hydraulic to electric motion control technology.

In 1996, Benczkowski was named Product Engineering Manager for the Systems Group and in 2004 became the Engineering Manager for Moog’s Defense Control Systems Business Unit, focused on precision pointing, slewing, and stabilization of highly unbalanced loads in high disturbance environments.  In this role, Benczkowski assumed technical and business management responsibilities for all defense control projects as well as future technology acquisition for the business.

In July of 2008, Benczkowski was named Director of Engineering for the Space and Defense Group, with leadership responsibility for the engineering function across all of Space and Defense Group’s business units and sites. By 2012, the scope of Benczkowski’s responsibility had grown to 500 engineers distributed across 22 locations worldwide in support of revenues exceeding $400,000,000.

On 1 December 2012, Moog’s Board of Directors confirmed Benczkowski’s appointment to Group Vice President – Engineering, which further expanded his leadership responsibilities as a senior executive of the company.

Benczkowski received his BS degree in mechanical engineering from UB in 1982, with continuing studies concentrated in the field of control systems.