SEAS Middle States Accreditation Documents

The documents referenced below pertain to Middle States Accreditation as it relates to the graduate programs in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences:

  1. Desired outcomes for doctoral students, master of science students, and master of engineering students.
  2. Data collection instruments:
    - Rubrics completed by committee members for doctoral students and committee members for Master of Science students obtaining their degree via the completion of a master’s thesis.
    - Exit survey completed by graduating students (doctoral, master of science, and master of engineering).
  3. A mapping of the data collection instruments with the desired outcomes.
  4. Curriculum maps for each department. These provide the linkages between courses offered and the desired outcomes, for doctoral students, Master of Science students, and master of engineering students.

Desired outcomes

The desired outcomes delineate the characteristics that we would like graduates to possess upon completion of their degree, separately stated for each degree type, doctoral, Master of Science, and master of engineering. These outcomes are the same for all departments in the school.

Data collection instruments

The data collection instruments are of two types. The first type are Rubrics, which provide feedback on what level has been achieved for each outcome, as judged by the committee members for doctoral students, and master of science students who complete their degree via a master’s thesis. The second type is Exit Surveys, which provide feedback from students about their view on the level achieved for each outcome, for doctoral, Master of Science, and master of engineering students.

Data mapping

The mapping of the data collection instruments to the desired outcomes links the data collected to the outcomes measured.

Curriculum maps

The curriculum maps demonstrate on a course-by-course basis training of students with respect to each listed outcome. The data collected allows systematic continuous improvements of the graduate programs at the departmental and the school levels. At the departmental level, discussions occur at departmental faculty meetings, with corrective actions taken as needed. At the school level, discussions occur at meetings of the graduate academic programs committee, with corrective actions taken as needed.

Documents Pertaining to Student Outcomes

Master of Engineering (PDF)

Master of Science (PDF) 

Doctoral (PDF)

Documents Pertaining to Data Collection

MS Thesis Rubric (PDF)

Ph.D. Dissertation Rubric (PDF)

Grad Student Exit Survey (PDF)

Documents Pertaining to the Relationships Between Student Outcomes and Data Collection

Map: Outcomes to Data Collection Instruments (PDF)

Program/Curriculum Maps

Aerospace Engineering   (Excel)

Biomedical Engineering  (Excel)

Chemical and Biological Engineering  (Excel)

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering   (Excel)

Computer Science and Engineering   (Excel)

Electrical Engineering (Excel)

Industrial and Systems Engineering   (Excel)

Mechanical Engineering (Excel)