Arezoo Hajesfandiari


Arezoo Hajesfandiari.

Arezoo Hajesfandiari


Arezoo Hajesfandiari


Assistant Professor of Teaching
Teaching Area: Undergraduate Engineering

Specialty/Research Focus

Theoretical and Computational Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Size-dependent Continuum Mechancs, Micro/Nano Mechanics, MEMS/NEMS Devices, Biomechanics, Multiphysics phenomena, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Boundary Element Method

Contact Information

140D Capen Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-0988

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Research Overview

Dr. Hajesfandiari has presented small scale fluid mechanics based on the consistent couple stress theory and developed a numerical method based on that to analyze a range of physical problems. These developments can be considered as a cornerstone to model flows that involve small scales, such as microfluids. For the last two years, she applied her interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of computational science, engineering mechanics, and applied math, to develop and analyze models and numerical solvers of small scale fluid and solid mechanics and multiphysics problems. Boundary element analysis of size-dependent piezoelectricity, thermoelasticity, and creeping flow, and finite Element analysis of micro and nanobeam structures are parts of her recent works. Throughout her research, Dr. Hajesfandiari attempts to use computational methods to bridge the fields of biology, biomedicine and engineering, so that knowledge gained can be applied directly to real-life applications.


Journal Articles

  • Hajesfandiari A., Hadjesfandiari A.R., and Dargush G.F. Boundary element formulation for plane problems in size-dependent thermoelasticity, Eng. Anal. Bound. Elem., 82 210-226, 2017.
  • Hajesfandiari A., Hadjesfandiari A.R., and Dargush G.F. Boundary element formulation for plane problems in size-dependent piezoelectricity, Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engrg., 108(7), 667-694, 2016.
  • Hajesfandiari A., Dargush G.F., and Hadjesfandiari A.R. Size-dependent fluid dynamics with application to lid-driven cavity flow, J. Non-Newton. Fluid Mech., 223, 98-115, 2015.
  • Hadjesfandiari A.R., Hajesfandiari A., and Dargush G.F. Skew-symmetric couple-stress fluid mechanics, Acta Mechanica, 226(3), 871-895, 2015.
  • Hajesfandiari A. and Forliti D.J. On the influence of internal density variations on the linear stability characteristics of planar shear layers, Phys. Fluids, 26(5), 054102, 2014.
  • Hadjesfandiari A.R., Dargush G.F., and Hajesfandiari A. Consistent skew-symmetric couple stress theory for size-dependent creeping flow, J. Non-Newton. Fluid Mech., 196, 83-94, 2013.