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Center for Engineering Design and Applied Simulation

The Center for Engineering Design and Applied Simulation (formerly NYSCEDII) emphasizes the use of visualization, interactive environments, cyberinfrastructure, and advanced design theory & methodology to address complex analysis and design problems, and promote innovation in product design and manufacturing. 

Critical to our efforts is multi-disciplinary collaboration with industrial and academic partners, a perspective for systems-thinking, and a realization that well informed decision-making is fundamental to the design of complex systems.

The mission of the Center for Engineering Design and Applied Simulation (CEDAS) is to provide state-of-the-art technologies and expertise that will enable industry to achieve a greater degree of competitiveness.

CEDAS' mission takes form in:

  • Industrial Outreach
  • Academic Research
  • Engineering Education

Our initiatives focus in (i) developing immersive environments to support complex system design; (ii) knowledge based engineering and IT-enabled design practice; and (iii) consumer-driven design and product realization.

Initiatives in these areas allow CEDAS to collaborate with organizations and individuals across all disciplines. The expertise of our associates and our association with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences gives CEDAS an extensive knowledge base which can be leveraged on collaborative projects.