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From smart phones to green appliances, electrical engineers turn knowledge into reality. Our faculty engage in research to create the knowledge needed to solve problems in areas such as communications and signals processing, nanoelectronics and photonics and energy systems.

Stemming from interaction with our faculty, our graduates are ideally prepared to contribute to the enhancement of society through the development of socially relevant products for communications (e.g., cellphones, video phones, televisions, etc.), materials and devices for alternative (greener) energy sources (e.g., solar cells, thermoelectric, electric motors, etc.), new batteries for storage of energy, energy efficient systems, and biomedical instruments that aid us when we are sick (e.g., physiological sensors and monitors, pacemakers, etc.). Our broad based program provides skill sets that are applicable to basic research as well as product design, development, and manufacturing.

These skills can be also applied to the service industry including technical sales and marketing, consulting, and education. Our students leave UB with the skills to contribute immediately and the knowledge that enables them to grow and innovate throughout their career.

Research Areas

CBS Innovation Nation Features UB Water Lens
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For 1 in 7 people, finding clean water is a monumental challenge. undergraduate students and engineering professor James Jensen found a unique solution. Read the news release.