Harshita Girase

Harshita Girase

Major: Computer Science

Where are you from?

Pune, India

What are you involved in here at UB?

CS Ed Week 2016 (Lead Student Organizer), UB Scientista (Events Co-chair), Teaching Assistant, UB Hacking (Organizer), Association for Computing Machinery (Member), Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (Member)

What do you like most about UB/SEAS?

I think the support system is great! The faculty members are pretty friendly and always open to suggestions from students. Professors take time off their busy schedules to talk to students about their career goals and provide assistance with internship and job search which I think is wonderful! There are also a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in the CSE department be it volunteering for alumni events, organizing competitions and events or just attending club meetings!