Emma Cooks.

Emma Crooks

Industrial Engineering Major
Binghamton, NY

What are you involved in here at UB?

I am the marketing director for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers here at UB, and a student leader for EAS 199, the introductory engineering seminar for freshman engineering majors. I am also part of Outdoor Adventure Club, Women in Science and Engineering, and the school's ski club, Schussmeisters.

What's a fun fact about you?

I have been to seven different countries: England, Scotland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and the Bahamas, and America, of course. I love traveling and photography, and I plan on traveling to more countries in Europe and heading to Asia and Australia in the near future.

What do you like most about UB/SEAS?

What I really love about UB is the community of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the school in general. It was intimidating coming to UB from a small high school, but as I got to know everyone within engineering, I learned how much of a tight knit community we are, and I felt at home. I love winter, so I picked the perfect place!