Opportunities for Current Students

There are many resources available to students in the UB STEM program.

UB STEM Diversity students are encouraged to participate in a variety of opportunities to enhance their educational experience.

Summer Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students should participate in at least one summer research experience during their college career. These experiences are mainly offered through programs funded by the National Science Foundation.

Eligible first- and second-year students are highly encouraged to apply to the LSAMP Summer Program at the University at Buffalo for a “beginner” research experience that guides students through the research process. This program is designed for students with little to no research experience.

Students with some research experience should apply to Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) funded by the National Science Foundation. REUs are highly competitive and seek high achieving students in STEM fields to work with faculty at host institutions. For an updated list of current REUs, please visit the National Science Foundation’s REU site.

For a complete list of research opportunities for undergraduates, please visit the Pathways to Science website.

For research tips and a guide to basic research skills through the University at Buffalo Libraries, please visit: http://library.buffalo.edu/help/research-tips/

International Research Opportunities

UB STEM students are highly encouraged to participate in research abroad at least once during their academic careers. These experiences offer students a variety of benefits, including: linguistic competence, cross-cultural skills, cultural competence, and disciplinary learning.

A good resource for beginning students with little to no research experience is the Oswego Global Laboratory. The Global Laboratory is an innovative undergraduate research experience offering students hands-on, immersive problem-solving opportunities in international laboratories in the most promising fields of study—science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

For a list of all NSF-funded International Research Experiences for Undergraduates (IREU), please visit the National Science Foundation IREU site

The Fulbright Scholars Program in STEM sponsors the research and teaching activities of a number of students, scholars and professionals in many STEM fields in over 125 countries. 

For advanced undergraduates with at least a 3.4 GPA, the EuroScholars Program offers research opportunities at 9 internationally renowned European Research Universities.

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