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Student News


The discussion will include the efforts to UB students to build a bridge across a dangerous river in Kenya.


The University of Buffalo is creating new opportunities for underrepresented students to earn degrees in science and engineering fields.


As part of a national cybersecurity challenge, six UB students successfully identified and addressed risks in a hospital's IT system. 


Concrete beam designed by civil engineering students scores highly in structural efficiency, earning UB first place in the International UHPC-Beam Competition.


It’s often said that engineering is about problem-solving. While some of the problems engineers work to solve are what could be called inconveniences, there are others that affect people’s lives in dramatic ways.


More than 5,000 UB students hail from places other than the United States. We invited three of them to Parkside Candy for ice cream and a freewheeling conversation about their experiences in America and at UB.