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Father and son harness magnetic fields for new type of 3-D printing

Published March 17, 2017

An article on Science News for Students reports on Vader Systems, a company founded by father-and-son entrepreneurs Scott and Zack Vader, who have designed  and are manufacturing a liquid metal printer, with an assist from Chi Zhou, assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering.

A light emitting diode, or LED, sits to one side below the printer’s nozzle. A receiver sits on the other side. A computer constantly checks how much light reaches the receiver. As a droplet falls, it blocks some of that light. “According to the energy change, we know the behavior of the droplet,” Zhou says. If a droplet isn’t right, it will block too much or too little of that energy. And if that happens, the computer signals that something is wrong and shuts off the printer..

Read the story here.