SEAS Editorial Style Guide

Writers and editors should adhere to Associated Press (AP) Stylebook standards for virtually all writing, except when a UB style standard differs. UB style generally supersedes all other style standards. Below are guidelines for common science and engineering terms.

In the rare instances when adhering to UB or SEAS styles is impossible (due to technical restraints), writers and editors should consistently apply those style adaptations across all content. 

SEAS Style


There should always be a hyphen between "3" and "D" and "D" should always be captitalized. A study published in the journal Small describes how the team used a modified 3-D printer and frozen water to create lattice-shaped cubes and a three-dimensional truss with overhangs using graphene oxide. 

big data

The "b" and the "d" are lowercase. We aim to become leaders in the transportation informatics field by harnessing the power of big data and informatics to address society's critical transportation problems.


Do not use a space between "clean" and "room" when referring to facilities at UB. UB offers a multidisciplinary cleanroom with class 1000 space and class 100 working areas.