Templates and Tools

Find the tools, templates and collateral resources you need to get our messages across.

Research Poster Templates

Presenting research findings at an academic meeting? Use UB-branded templates to create your poster. Print and digital templates are available in various sizes via the link below.

For best results, print your research poster through University Print Services. This is UB's preferred, on-campus vendor with lower costs than outside vendors and an experienced staff to help you. 

UB Research Poster Template.

PowerPoint Templates

Streamline your presentation slideshow—and keep it consistent with the UB brand guidelines—by using our PowerPoint templates.

Formal PowerPoint Template:

Title page of SEAS Formal PowerPoint.

Contemporary PowerPoint Template:

Title page of SEAS Contemporary PowerPoint.

Ready-Made Presentations:

SEAS Values Powerpoint (first slide).

SEAS Values
A short slideshow that highlights the values stated in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences' Strategic Plan

SEAS Undergrad Welcome PowerPoint (first slide).

Welcome to SEAS
A large collection of photos of students and spaces in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 

WiSE Boilerplate Presentation (first slide).

WiSE Boilerplate
A summary of what Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) provides for women in STEM fields at UB. Features two WiSE student testimonials.

ISTL Presentation (first slide).

Stephen Still Institute for Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Boilerplate
Information about the institute along with slides highlighting current research projects and their impact on society.

Web Templates for Events and Conferences

For SEAS websites in the UB CMS, templates are available to assist you in publicizing various events, programs, initiatives and conferences. If you would like to take advantage of any of these templates, email us at seascomm@buffalo.edu and specify which template you would like to use on your website.

  • 6/1/17
    For large scale events or conferences with logistics. Features custom tabs to communicate things like speakers, travel, things-to-do, etc. For use on full width one-column pages only.
  • 1/1/17
    For use on simple or smaller events that don't have major logistics tied to them such as K-12 Camps. This template can be used on wide-right or wide-left pages in the CMS.

Send an Email to the SEAS Community

Follow the instructions below to have an email sent from the “School of Engineering and Applied Sciences” email account. To get started, send an email to James Friedman that includes the following information.

Specify who should receive the message:

  • The main groups are faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, and alumni.
  • Note that there are many subsets and combinations of these groups. Please contact James Friedman for guidance.

Your message should include the following information:

  • Subject line for the email:
    • Make this very specific; it should be something that will be useful and informative when a recipient is visually scanning their inbox or other email folder.
    • Include specific date, time, location; avoid “Big event tomorrow.”
  • Message:
    • Every email needs text, not just an image. In addition to an image, be sure to restate the event details in your email message. This is necessary to be in compliance with accessibility standards, since screen readers don’t read images.
    • Avoid using space-before and space-after formatting. Use blank lines instead.
    • For events, at a minimum, be sure to include the day, date, time and location, the title of the event, the names and titles of the presenter(s) and how to attend (i.e., pre-registration information, capacity limits, etc.). Dates should be specific; do not use “today” or “this week” or “tomorrow” since emails are not always read the day that they are received.
  • Closing/signature with job title

Specify when the message should be sent:

  • The sooner we receive your message the better. Allow at least 3-5 business days for standard messages and 5-7 days for event publicity.

Social media:

  • In addition to sending an email to the SEAS community, if we determine that your event or activity is of interest to our community, we may post it on our social media channels, primarily the SEAS Facebook page. If you do not want us to do this, please let us know when you submit your message.

Email Headers and Footers

Email campaigns are an effective way to promote your department. These resources will help you connect your message to the UB and SEAS brand identities.

For university branded email templates and formatting information, visit the UB Identity and Brand website. For SEAS-specific email headers and footers, the following resources are available.

MailChimp E-Newsletter Templates

Available in the dean's office MailChimp account and for download to other MailChimp accounts in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Header and Footer JPEGs

For use in tools other than MailChimp such as ContantContact or Slate.

CSE Department Newsletter Preview.

Stationary Items

University stationery is a tangible expression of our brand identity. These standardized designs ensure consistency and impact in our print communications. Stationary items include business cards, letterhead, envelopes and memo pads.

Business Cards

The front of the business card is limited to official university sponored/provided references, such as name, title, office location, phone, email address, and department or school website.

The back of the card can be used to present additional information, such as social media handles, but must be approved by the SEAS Communications office prior to submitting to the UB Print Shop.

To order SEAS business cards with the “Here is How We Make the Future” slogan and graphic on the back side of the card, visit the UB Stationary System Page and follow these steps:

Step 1: Place a standard business card order, specifying double sided with the crest on the back (to ensure the pricing is correct)

Step 2: Immediately after placing the order, respond to the confirmation email saying you wish to have the Engineering “Here” back in landscape format

Step 3: The University Print Shop will respond to confirm that they will be printed as specified

business card with SEAS graphic.


To order SEAS letterhead, visit the UB Stationary System Page and follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill in your contact information

Step 2: Under “Letterhead Order”, “Choose Letterhead Style”, select Unit (Brand Extension) and select SEAS

Step 3: Then, under “Print A Footer”, select yes

Step 4: Under “Information for Footer”, select address and phone, Skip the “Add Office, Department, Center” section, and fill in the address all on one line

Step 5: Under “Add Points of Contact”, fill in the phone, fax and web address

Step 6: Fill out the billing and delivery options

Step 7: Immediately after placing the order, respond to the confirmation email saying that you wish to use your sub brand extension (BME, CBE, Office of Undergraduate Research, etc.)

Step 8: The Print Shop will respond to confirm that they will print the letterhead as specified

Example of Letterhead.


Bi-fold notecards can be ordered with any UB lockup, including the SEAS and department logos. To order branded notecards, follow the following steps:

Download a work order form from UB Print Services.

Most of the form is self-explanatory. Use this specific information to describe the job:

  1. Job description: (QTY) branded notecards and envelopes with return address for (name of office/center/department) and (mailing address)
  2. Is the job camera ready? No
  3. Paper: Cardstock (or upgrade to #80 Classic Crest Linen)
  4. Ink colors: UB blue
  5. Flat size: 5.5 x 8.5
  6. Finished size: 5.5 x 4.25
  7. Bindery: Check Fold to Size: 5.5 x 4.25