Recognizing our Alumni and Friends

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences honors our alumni and friends with a number of different awards on an annual basis.

Alumni and Friends Awards

  • 9/1/21
    The Dean’s Award for Achievement is the highest honor presented by the school. It is awarded annually to someone who has made a substantial contribution to the practice of engineering or applied sciences and/or has had an exceptional professional career. The recipient is an honored speaker at commencement, where he/she shares advice and words of wisdom to students, families and friends.
  • 6/3/20
    Awarded by the UBEAA, the Engineer of the Year award goes to an school alumnus or closely affiliated person with distinguishing activities in alumni, community, business and professional affairs.
  • 6/3/20
    Inspired by the engineering term meaning “the difference,” this award is given annually to donors who have made a significant difference for the school, our students, and our culture through their generous philanthropy.
  • 6/3/20
    Awarded to a corporation that has invested significant time and resources toward the advancement of our school and our students.
  • 6/3/20
    Awarded annually to an alumnus or alumna who has dedicated considerable personal time and resources for the benefit of our students’ development and education.
  • 6/3/20
    Awarded to a young alumnus or alumna in recognition of outstanding contributions to their career field, academic area, and/or community.
  • 6/4/20
    Awarded to an alumnus or alumna who has dedicated considerable personal time and resources for the benefit of our students, school, and UB community.

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