Engineers Week 2020 Schedule

botwars in the student union.

Check out the complete listing of this year's Engineers Week activities and events.

Sun. 2/16 Mon. 2/17 Tues. 2/18 Wed. 2/19 Thurs. 2/20 Fri. 2/21 Sat. 2/22

Wednesday, February 19







9am - 11am Integration Nation (ESW): Get your Calc II game on and complete integrals as quickly and correctly as possible. Student Union Lobby     
10am - 12pm Rubik's Race (SHPE): Try to solve a Rubik's Cube as fast as possible! Student Union Room 145  
11am - 1pm Recycle Relay (ESW): Discover your true recycling skills by sorting various materials into the correct bins in a short period of time. Student Union Lobby
12pm - 2pm Theme Park Design Challenge (TPEC): Select the best rides and attractions to fit a designated theme park space to maximize profit. Student Union Room 145
1pm - 3pm First-Person Maze Navigation (Robotics): Pilot a robot through a timed maze using first-person view goggles. Student Union Lobby
2pm - 4pm Drone Racing (AIAA): Fly a mini quadcopter through an obstacle course and compete for the fastest time. Student Union Room 145
3pm - 5pm Hydraulic Pulley (NSBE): Build a functional pulley out of hydraulics and wooden pieces. Student Union Lobby
4pm - 6pm Quick Puzzles (Tau Beta Pi): Test your engineering knowledge by taking part in various puzzles, riddles, trick questions, and engineering facts. Student Union Room 145