Olivia Licata.

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Olivia Licata

Student Leader: Olga Carcamo

Engineering school is not always easy...but it is fun to look back and realize that the hard work paid off. Every year after college just gets better and better as you use the strong foundation that UB engineering provided you to continue to grow and grow."

What did serving as a Student Leader mean to you? What motivated you to participate?
As a student leader I was able to exemplify engineering at UB. We served as role models to incoming freshman and offered feedback and insight on a personal level. Having someone to look up to that went through the same process gave hope and encouragement during a time of possible doubt and confusion. In EAS 140, students were being challenged and asked to think in a way they had never thought before- like an engineer. As a freshman, I also found the course challenging, but in a way that made me rise to the occasion. I was motivated by my interest in the topics and the slight competitive edge that the wind turbine assignment offered. To me the student leaders were the best of the best and to be considered as a part of the team made my time at UB the most meaningful.

A memory that remains with me from my Student Leader days is:
There is one group in particular that stands out to me. Upon first impression, they didn't seem to take the course too seriously since they were always joking with each other and kind of pulling things together last minute. They seemed to think I was a pretty cool leader though (probably because of that one time I jumped in with them singing the lyrics to The Choice Is Yours by Black Sheep), they even gave me candy on Halloween! Despite what seemed like a lack of concern with the course (I had previously had my fair share of students stressing themselves out and wishing I could give them the answers), these students really brought their A-game to the wind turbine project. They even won a design award. Afterwards several members of the group emailed me, thanking me for 'being awesome' (their words not mine). In the following years, whenever I'd pass one of them in the hall they'd smile and say hi to me.

Any leaders you'd like to shout-out to?
Hailie Suk! Ronita Bose! Andrew Hoffman! Jacob Caldwell! Sai Prasad Ganesh! Lynn Sementilli! Mae Sementili! Nick Marchesiello! Jon Folmsbee! Danielle Chevalier! Andrew Booth! Michael Bill! Charlie Smith! Stephen Vitello! Erica Marron! Laura Godly! Nicole Wawrzniak! James Favale! Courtney Kodweis! Olga Carcamo! Michael Rossi! Chris Lee! Phillip Schneider!