Nicholas Marchesiello holding a fish.

Alumni Profile

Nicholas Marchesiello

Student Leader: Nick Stalnecker

Engineering school is not always easy...but it is fun to look back and realize that the hard work paid off. Every year after college just gets better and better as you use the strong foundation that UB engineering provided you to continue to grow and grow."

What did serving as a Student Leader mean to you? What motivated you to participate?
Being a student leader meant being able to help incoming freshmen with the huge adjustment to college. It meant being a mentor and someone to lend an ear or a helping hand. I wanted to be able to share my experiences and pass down some of the wisdom that I had onto some of the new students so that hopefully they could have a more fulfilling college career. I had a great student leader and I really bought into the EAS 140 system when I was a freshmen. I really appreciated having someone there to help me and I wanted to have that same kind of presence.

A memory that remains with me from my Student Leader days is:
Wind turbine final testing days. The competitive drive and the creativity that I saw not only from my students but across the lab and across the class. Everyone was cheering and the comrodery was amazing. Being able to congratulate the teams that performed well and being able to offer a kind word of encouragement to those that didn't was something I looked forward too.

Any leaders you'd like to shout-out to?
Shoutout to Gabriella Dipini for being the best EAS 202 leader in the business as well as being my biggest supporter my first year as a TA. I couldn't have done it without you.