2016 Poster Competition

First Place

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Cancan Yang presenting at the competition.

Cancan Yang

Ultra-high performance concrete post-tensioned segmental precast bridge piers for seismic resilience

Second Place

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Mohammed Ansari presenting at competition.

Mohammad Ansari

Piezoelectric energy harvesting from heartbeat vibrations for leadless pacemakers

Third Place

Biomedical Engineering

Vincent Tutino presenting at competition.

Vincent Tutino

Transcriptome profiling reveals intracranial aneurysm signature in circulating neutrophils as a potential biomarker

Honorable Mentions

Biomedical Engineering

Qixin Wang presenting at the competition.

Qixin Wang

Circulating and intracellular micro RNAs as biomarkers for pulmonary cytotoxicity evaluation of multi-wall nanotube

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Ramachandran Subramanian presenting at competition.

Ramachandran Subramanian

Sampling orientations of diatomic molecules: Application to path integral Monte Carlo method including nuclear quantum effects to compute virial coefficients

Shuen-Shiuan Wang presenting at competition.

Shuen-Shiuan Wang

Truncation of o-glycan biosynthesis by GalNTGc: An analog of naturally occurring N-acetylgalactosamine

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Reda Snaiki at competition.

Reda Snaiki

Temperature and moisture effects on the hurricane boundary layer based on a simplified model

Computer Science and Engineering

Ying Yang presenting at competition.

Ying Yang

Lenses: An on-demand approach to ETL

Electrical Engineering

Mikhail Shalaev presenting at competition.

Mikhail Shalaev

High efficiency all-dielectric metasurfaces for beam manipulation in transmission mode

Jalil Modares presenting at competition.

Jalil Modares

UB-ANC emulator: An emulation framework for multi-agent drone networks

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Adam Houser presents his poster.

Adam Houser

A formal approach to modeling and analyzing human taskload in simulated air traffic scenarios

Fatemah Mousapour presenting at the competition.

Fatemah Mousapour

A literature review: Recent developments of attacker-defender games

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Antonio Costante Galbier presenting at competition.

Antonio Costante Galbier

Bistable piezoelectric energy harvester with an elastic magnifier