Blockchain Specialization

block chain conceptualization

The four courses of the Blockchain Specialization focus on blockchain basics, smart contracts, decentralized applications, and blockchain platforms.

About the Courses

Blockchain technology is expected to revolutionize the world and is advancing at an unprecedented pace. This series’ four courses introduce foundational concepts of the blockchain, which enables peer-to-peer transfer of digital assets without any intermediaries. They are ideal for the beginning developer who is comfortable programming in a high-level language and desires to advance his/her career in the blockchain field, as well as those curious about the Internet-like technology and its vast possibilities. The courses prepare learners to program on the Ethereum blockchain, design and implement smart contracts, and develop decentralized applications.

The Blockchain Specialization is a collaboration of the UB Computer Science and Engineering Department, UB Center for Industrial Effectiveness and industry partners.

How Do I Register?

To register, go directly to Coursera. First, sign up for a free Coursera account. Then simply enroll. It’s never too late to join!


For learners who are inspired to be certified in blockchain, a $49 monthly fee is required to gain access to all assignments. There is no charge to audit the courses, which includes access to videos and readings, but no assignments.