Experiential Learning Program

Student Testimonials

Michael Sundermier stands next to a die cart to be used on a press at GE Transportation.  

Michael Sundermier, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2016

"Thank you for the invaluable experience I received by participating in the engineering intramurals projects. They have really helped me to be more successful in the projects I am working on as an intern at GE Transportation, where I am working in ergonomics as a propulsion engineer intern." 

"I have had to make many presentations and my experience in the engineering intramurals projects prepared me to approach the tasks with much more confidence. I really can't thank you enough, Dr. Olewnik!"  

Michael Sundermier participated in two engineering intramural projects, "Next Generation Pillow Speaker Ideation with Curbell Medical" and "Definition of User Requirements and Design Inputs for Sleep Apnea Head-gear with AccuMED Technologies."