Photo of three Scientista women

The Scientista Foundation is a national organization that empowers pre-professional women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through content, communities, and conferences. Currently the largest network of campus women across STEM disciplines, Scientista serves to connect all communities of women in STEM at campuses across the nation, giving such important organizations more visibility and resources, and building a strong, cohesive network of women in science that can act as one voice.

The mission of this student chapter is to empower women majoring in STEM disciplines by providing a strong campus community, online resources, and visible role models. In order to achieve these goals, Scientista will provide programs and create online content on our blog, including student spotlights, networking opportunities with successful women STEM, and socials and study groups. The UB Scientista branch emphasizes opportunities for women in technology, but we welcome students from all STEM majors.