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Student Profile

Sharon Lin

BS, Chemical Engineering, Class of 2016

“I chose UB because of its strong engineering program and because it was affordable. I was awarded a scholarship and will be debt-free after graduation.”
Sharon Lin, Undergraduate Student
Chemical Engineering

Where are you from? Guilderland, NY

What made you choose UB? I chose to come to UB not only because of its strong engineering program but because it was very affordable. I was awarded a scholarship and will be debt free after graduation, which was really hard to turn down. Also, with the number of resources that the engineering department has to offer, and opportunities, it’s very easy to get an undergraduate research position here. 

What do you like most about engineering? I really like the idea that engineering is innovative, and allows people to use their knowledge to create innovative technologies. For example cars or computers, or anything technological, were built by engineers and I find that really fascinating because it’s a way to improve people’s lives. The idea of engineering is really about applying your knowledge to improve the world.

What is your favorite place on campus? I really like the honors lounge, there’s free coffee, tea and hot chocolate. My friends and I  like to work on projects and homework together there. It’s a really nice area, with people hanging out. It’s a social environment, which is always healthy for people who study a lot.

What are you working on? In one of my senior chemical engineering classes, a group of us are working on designing a production plant that can produce lactic acid, which is a component that is very typical in a lot of fields. Lactic acid is very applicable so we’re designing this plant that can produce a certain number of pounds of lactic acid per year. It’s a lot of work but it’s very interesting, and applicable to a lot of industrial positions that chemical engineers tend to get after graduation.

What else do you do on campus? I’m currently involved with undergraduate research. I’m also in the honors college, so I help with honor student council events and volunteer with them for interviews and open house. I also participate in the American Institute for Chemical Engineers, by going to social and service events.

What are you passionate about? I really enjoy learning different things, but I’m also passionate about art. I find that art and engineering can be intermingled, I like drawing and music as well.

What are your future plans?  I’m going to go to graduate school to get my PhD in chemical engineering at MIT.