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Engineering Senior Design Expo

The Engineering Senior Design Expo provides students with a chance to present their work to a broad audience inclusive of fellow students, faculty and industry partners.

Students test their technical thinking and communication skills by presenting posters and discussing prototypes developed as part of their senior design course offered during the spring semester.

2015 Senior Design Expo. Photo credit: The Onion Studio.

May 6, 2016 | 12:00 - 5:30 | Davis Hall | North Campus

Over 130 engineering projects will be presented this year. The schedule for poster sessions is as follows:

  • Session I: ISE projects (12-1:30 PM)

Industrial Engineering projects involving industry partners.

  • Session II: BME-1 | CBE-1 | CSEE | MAE-1 projects (2-3:30 PM)

A mix of industry-sponsored and self-defined Biomedical, Chemical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering projects.

  • Session III: BME-2 | CBE-2 | EE | Interdisciplinary | MAE-2 (4-5:30 PM)

A mix of industry-sponsored and self-defined Biomedical, Chemical, Electrical, Interdisciplinary (Civil + Mechanical) and Mechanical Engineering projects.

Chemical engineering student explains her project, Preliminary Liquid-Liquid Extraction Design and Economic Analysis for Production of Lactic Acid. Photo: The Onion Studio.

Watch an overview of our experiential learning opportunities by Andrew Olewnik, Director of Experiential Learning Programs.

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